Let music be the fragrance of your challenging day

Welcome to Passion for Piano! My goal for each and every oneĀ  of my students is to develop a love and appreciation for piano and music in general. I hope to inspire each student with my passion and enthusiasm to connect to each piece they learn and to make the music “come to life”, so to speak. Music is the universal language. Why? Because everyone can feel the emotion music evokes. That’s my primary goal as a piano teacher. If I can somehow get the student to connect to what they are playing, they will be able to tell the story of that piece. We are on this earth to learn and connect with each other, what better way than through music! I don’t expect everyone to love the piano as much as I do, nor do I expect my students to become concert pianist or piano instructor’s. But what I do hope for is for each student to develop a deeper appreciation and love for music. And if I as a teacher have been able to do that, then I have been successful.

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